Our school’s theme this year is In God We Trust.  Our students have learned that they can demonstrate their trust in God by being good stewards of his creation. To that end, as a school community, the staff has tried to instill in the students the importance of service, as well as provide service opportunities for them.  Hopefully, this will nurture a life-long commitment in them in regard to service in the community. Since the start of school year, the students have participated in and/or organized a number of service related projects. 

Some examples of the service projects to date are:

Students in grades 2 and 4 made Thanksgiving cards for residents of area nursing homes. Students in grades 1, 3, and 5 will be making Christmas cards for them as well.  Our 6th graders are writing letters of thanks and support to communities of cloistered sisters in the area.  After Halloween, virtually every student brought in a portion of the candy they collected. Over 300 pounds of candy was collected and in turn, will be shipped overseas as a sweet treat for our servicemen and women through Operation Gratitude.  On Friday, November 4, the school held a family movie night. The event, organized by students Ellen O. and Ellie K., attracted over 125 children and their families. We collected nearly 300 canned and boxed food items for the St. Augustine Hunger Center.

Within the school, we over 60 students volunteering their time as peer tutors every Thursday afternoon. The interaction between the older students and the younger ones is priceless. The younger students are both taught and mentored by the older students. Both the tutee and tutor are benefiting for this program. The older students love the opportunity to help the younger ones improve in their studies and the little ones are making real gains.  I saw one especially precocious 1st grade student being taught, and successfully working out problems in long division! A number of our 7th & 8th graders will also begin to tutor again at Urban Community School.

We are very proud of our students and have many more service projects scheduled throughout the school year.