STREAM education comes to St. Christopher School

To promote the development of these skills in our students, St. Christopher School is transitioning into a STREAM school. STREAM (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts and Math) schools seek to integrate Catholic identity into every aspect of the curriculum, while providing a challenging learning environment focused on science,technology, math and the arts. STREAM schools promote a culture of innovation, as well as a commitment to ethical behavior and social justice. Our technology teacher, Mrs. Molly Fuerst, has been active in leading this transition. In addition to becoming a certified STEM teacher, she has reconfigured and enhanced our existing learning lab, purchased new materials, and has researched curriculum. During the upcoming school year, all of our students will engage in project-based activities, with real world applications, that promote inquiry, problem solving, and collaboration. Activities will vary by grade level and will include things like computer programming, robotics, the engineering and design process, forensic science, and water and wetland investigations. Like the society we live in, this process will evolve and change over time. What will not change however, is the school’s mission to instill Catholic values, a commitment to service and the promotion of academic excellence. STREAM education is another tool to help the school fulfill its mission and develop students that are prepared to lead, succeed, and serve; while giving witness to their Catholic faith.